November 2, 2012

Apps for Good

Typically interaction between young people and mobile apps has been limited to a game of Angry Birds on the bus home, but Apps for Good is giving young people the opportunity to design and build their own apps.

The course is headed up by non-profit CDI Europe, partnered with Dell and supported by 02, ThomsonReuters and Ogilvy. The course aims to teach young people valuable entrepreneurial skills and give them the confidence to tackle the problems they see around them.

What sets this course apart from others is their unique community of Experts. Experienced designers, marketers, entrepreneurs and developers who volunteer their time to give the young people personalised advice and assistance. Our own Mia Bennett has already given two expert sessions and is on course to deliver even more.

With coverage in WIRED, The Sunday Times and The Guardian, it’s no surprise that Apps for Good has already reached it’s partner capacity and has a full waiting list. We’re delighted to help inspire young people to get involved in the tech industry and only time will tell what amazing apps these young entrepreneurs develop.