September 1, 2012

Innovative Thinking with QR Codes

Many up-and-coming companies have seen the rise in QR code popularity and have recognized growing potential in marketing opportunities. Not only are there a number of great things you can do with QR codes on a personal level, but at the business level QR codes and the options you have with them are mind blowing.

Take for example the Calvin Klein jeans ads that littered times square in New York City; instead of having a billboard with pictures of sexy couples, there was a giant QR code that, when scanned, came up with an “uncensored” promotional video. Many advertising companies are using methods like these to help promote and create multimedia advertisements that are more interactive for their viewer.

In another interesting QR endeavor, recent Notre Dame graduate, Amanda Jonovski featured a QR code linking to her professional profile with the words “HIRE ME” under it on her graduation cap. Only in three days from her graduation, her profile received over 400 hits! How’s that for innovative thinking?