February 1, 2012

Kidz4Mation children app

Parents struggling with their children’s behaviour who are unable to call on Supernanny Jo Frost will be relieved by the launch of a new free iPhone app to help children combat negative thinking.

With the app, children learn to overcome anxiety, shyness and a lack of confidence – problems which cause their performance at school to suffer and hold back the development of vital life skills. Parents are included in the experience, with a tips section and a report on their child’s responses.

Children take an interactive journey through the story “Mikey Helps Toot-Toot”, from child confidence specialist Kidz4Mation, with Mikey the monkey and his friends, answering questions about their well-being and hunting for hidden bananas on the way.

Kidz4Mation, the company behind the app, specialises in boosting children’s school performance and improving their behaviour by raising their confidence.

You can download the app from the App Store and best of all, it is FREE.