July 4, 2012

Location, Location, Location

As you might know, we are huge fans of Location Based Services (LBS). And through developing some innovative apps such as Situationist and ColourDNA have been pretty much on cutting edge of this wonderful field. So we thought we should start writing more about LBS. To start, let’s just explain what LBS is.

When you set up a brand new smartphone one of the first things that it asks you is if you would like to enable or disable location services. For many people they get nervous and decide to disable it, but what they don’t know is that location services assist a number of modern applications along with GPS and maps.

One of the clever things about location services, is that it can provide you information about the things surrounding you without making you put in an address. Take, for example, the “Yelp Monocle,” which is featured in the top right corner of their application. When you open up the Yelp monocle, it uses the camera and location services combined to show you a realtime image of what you are looking at with the Yelp profiles of the various businesses superimposed above them. Never travel in fear of not finding a good eatery ever again!