December 31, 2012

Top 5 Resolutionary Apps for 2013

It’s that time of year again, setting goals, deciding on resolutions and making promises with ourselves. Well here are a few apps that can help us along the way:

Runkeeper – FitnessKeeper, Inc
Struggling to see your toes after the festive season? It might be time to dust off those running shoes, RunKeeper uses GPS to log all of your runs, jogs, bike rides and hikes and lets you easily share them with Facebook and Twitter. Get back into shape and let everyone see your progress!.
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Lift – Lift Worldwide
Statistics say that 92% of people who set New Years resolutions eventually fail them. Make a change in 2013 and make these promises stick! Lift lets you search a database of common goals as well as add your own.. Save some money, work on that personal project, or maybe learn to play the Ukulele, no matter what your goals, tracking them will make a huge difference to your success.
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Piggie – Meiwin Fu
Feeling the pinch after Christmas? Fancy a nice Summer holiday in 2013? Maybe it’s time you tracked your finances a little closer. Piggie is a great little app that does just that, It helps you to log and manage all your expenses and lets you see at a glance how much you’ve spent on a daily weekly, and monthly basis. Fantastic for saving up those coppers.
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Gojee – Gojee, Inc
Finally decided you want to make 2013 the year you actually learn to cook? Gojee has your back. This app collects and exhibits only the most delicious blogger recipes (for food and drink!). Featuring beautiful photos and clear and concise instructions, Gojee is great if you want to cause a stir in the kitchen. Makes a difference from burnt toast..
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Remember the Milk – Remember the Milk
Are you always forgetting something? Never getting all your to-dos.. done? Remember the Milk is an iOS app that helps you to keep on top of everything you need to remember, from groceries to birthdays. Spend a bit of time logging all your errands, and you can have the satisfaction of ticking them off one by one, you powerhouse of productivity!
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