June 1, 2012

Turned On Digital is two

We just turned two!

Two years ago, Mia, her brother Soroush and three of their best friends Ali, Sohrab and Mehran set up Turned On Digital. Together we wanted to have a unique boutique app development agency where our products pushed boundaries.

Two years on, our team has more than doubled, we are based in three cities and have worked with the likes of Channel Four, ITN, HarperCollins and Puma. As a truly global company we have worked with companies from Japan, UAE, Italy, Germany, UK, Argentina, Brazil and USA!

But more importantly we have had the opportunity to work with amazing startups like ColourDNA, Kidz4Mation and Sunday Drive.

We also built our own products and experienced what it is like to grow a bootstrap project. We had tons of fun whilst working on Situationist, TubeTap, Monkey’s Paw and all of our Persian apps. And of course pleasantly surprised when our app, Situationist was featured at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art).

This year, we will working with more exciting startups and will be focusing on local and community mobile projects. We are very excited about all that is coming this year.