June 14, 2012

What are QR Codes?

So you might have seen these square black and white images turning up on posters, tags and magazines. But what are they?

QR Codes are a data-transmitting method that, up until recently, were only used to make shipping and handling easier for large companies. However, in 2001, Japanese retailers began using them as a means to quickly transmit information to their consumers and potential buyers. Since then many companies outside of Japan have begun using QR codes in marketing campaigns, on business cards, and even on resumes to give to potential employers. People have found that using a QR code at the top of their document, and linking it to a video of them on the internet adds a nice “wow” factor for people interested in hiring them.

Given their rise in popularity many mobile app developers have started making readers for QR codes that not only allow for the user to access whatever the code is linked to (picture, website, film, documents), but also to amass a reading list, or collect their top favorite codes. They’re easy to make and implement, so there’s really no excuse for you to not create your own QR code today.