April 12, 2013

Fruitcraft app trading card game

We have been quiet for a while. It’s been a very busy time. We have been working on Fruitcraft app, a social trading card game for the past few months. Fruitcraft isn’t a client project but a labour of love. We have been working on our indie project on the side and are very excited to update you with where we are.

But first let’s talk about Fruitcraft app. Fruitcraft is seemingly classic trading card game built on mobile and tablet. There are a number of card to collect, that form your deck that you can utilise to attack other opponents.

But we have given it a modern twist by adding a social element to the game. This means you can look for opponents from around the world and have a truly epic game.

As a social game, you can also band with friends and form a tribe. As you would expect, being part of a tribe will give extra defence and offence bonuses.

Another great plan we have for the game is to make the trading cards dynamic. Instead of having a set of static cards, each card can be upgraded and enhanced.

We hope the game to be ready by end of summer.