colourDNA iPhone app

colourDNA helps you discover new things to enjoy in life from people like you.

Data driven, Location based
Awards Nominated
Best Visual Design 2012


ColourDNA connects you with the things you love, in the places you love and with people who love them too. These connections throw up a whole host of things you haven’t discovered yet, all based on what you love, and we give you a match score to tell you if you’ll like them.

Find out your top matches in the world, see what’s most popular in your community and, by sharing what you love, help others discover new things too.

We are delighted to have been part of the development team for colourDNA iPhone app.


  • Discover what your best matched with in all categories of interest
  • See how your colourDNA develops as you love more items
  • Discover what people are loving right now and what’s most popular in each categories
  • Get personalised match scores with everyone and everything
  • See what your best matched to in your location with Near Me
  • Share what you love by creating something new and help the rest of the community discover and love them too
  • Check out the galleries and videos that bring the loves to life
  • Invite your friends to see what you really have in common