Kidz4Mation iPhone app

Say hello to Mikey, the cheerful and happy hero from Kidz4Mation!

He is here to help children be more confident, stronger and happier. He has noticed that sometimes his friends find it hard to deal with things that bring then down. He is sure that with some help from Genie he could come up with some ideas to improve his friends self-esteem and confidence.

In the first of the series, Mikey is thinking of ways to help his friend Toot-toot combat negative thinking. Through out the book, Mikey also asks your child certain questions, so that the app can give more relevant tips.

Kidz4Mation series mission is to provide some simple tools and tips that children can use through their lives. The app is part of a teacher and psychologist-backed range of products to engage and entertain children while teaching them invaluable life skills.