December 17, 2010

Persian Poems Case Study

The Challenge

[highlight2]Persian Poems iPhone app[/highlight2] was created as part of our series of original apps. We wanted to create an app to bring [highlight2]Persian Poems[/highlight2] to the iPhone platform. Our challenge was to produce an app that would appeal to a niche market.

The Solution

We defined a phased approach to minimise our risk, starting by a simple content-based app including only four digital books. After an extremely positive reaction to the product, we iterated the app to finally be a data-driven app including micro-payments, social sharing and advanced search and book marking functionalities.

The Result

Despite very limited marketing effort, the apps have constantly been in top digital books charts in a number of territories. The reaction of our customers have further prompted us to launch [highlight2][/highlight2] site to promote all Persian mobile apps.