February 9, 2011

Building a Game Engine: Part1-Introduction

I’m starting work on a simple [highlight2]game engine[/highlight2] which will integrate some of the best tools out there. In the process I will be posting useful information about my work. I hope that this series will be useful to some people while at the same time looking forward to any feedback that might help improve the project. I’m working with two others, Amin and Ahoora; and we’ve allocated about a year to this project.

Our development work will be divided into different phases; The first phase will be research & planning. In this phase we will study up on the structure of a game engine, find the best and most suitable game engine components and plan out our future phases (in a form of a proposal). So far we’ve decided to use [highlight2]Ogre[/highlight2] as our 3D engine and we’re also looking into the [highlight2]Havok[/highlight2] series of tools.

I’ve been tasked with reading a book called “[highlight2]Game Engine Architecture[/highlight2]” by [highlight2]Jason Gregory[/highlight2] an industry veteran (works at [highlight2]Naught Dog[/highlight2] developers of [highlight2]Uncharted[/highlight2]). Stay tuned for a couple of summary posts from different section of this highly praised book.