January 26, 2011

The Monkey’s Paw iPad app is coming

Development on our [highlight2]Monkey’s Paw[/highlight2] iPad app is almost coming to a close and we thought that it’s time we provided a sneak peak.

The Monkey’s Paw iPad app is a semi-interactive version of the popular horror book by [highlight2]W.W.Jacobs[/highlight2], developed in collaboration with [highlight2]minimoko[/highlight2] and [highlight2]Beware of the Art[/highlight2]. Beware of the Art has provide the beautiful illustrations for the iPad application, and minimoko has been responsible for the design and art direction.

You can navigate the pages by touching the right or left side on the screen. You can also touch the centre of the screen to show the menu button, which when pressed will bring down the table of contents.

Some pages will have interactive items, these are generally drag-able objects that are in some way related to the page that they’re on… These interactive items are oddly enjoyable to play with, and we have yet to discover our designer’s secret…

Currently we’re in the process of adding in our interactive items, and we believe the work will be finished soon. Please check out the video to see the app’s current progress (please note that this video is taken from the iOS Simulator and will not showcase some of the applications features like using the accelerometer, but we assure you everything looks and works great on the iPad).

Monkey’s Paw iPad app development from Turned On Digital on Vimeo.