January 2, 2011

What we have planned for 2011

2010 was a crazy year for us. We started the year with Super Monko Studio, building creative and fun apps. We then moved to Turned On Ventures, with the aim to focus on our clients and build stronger products. And finally just before the year ended, we became [highlight2]Turned On Digital[/highlight2], a boutique digital agency focused on mobile.

With all the changes out of the way, we are very excited to welcome 2011. And we have a long list of services, products and mobile apps that we plan to launch this year.

We don’t want to ruin the surprises so wouldn’t want to announce everything in one go, but here are a few things we have been working on and will be sharing with you this year:

  • [highlight2]Situationist app[/highlight2]. If you have spoken to any of us, you know how excited we are about this project. Situationist is a cutting edge and truly unique location based app, that really reflects the vision of our partners, [highlight2]Benrik[/highlight2]. We even had [highlight2]John-Henry Barac[/highlight2], the award winning designer, helping out. So be ready for a top notch quirky experience.
  • [highlight2]The Monkey’s Paw[/highlight2]. The Monkey’s Paw iPad app is the first in our series of interactive digital book apps collection. We are very proud of this project, as it combines a great classic story, beautiful original artwork from [highlight2]Beware of the Art[/highlight2] and flawless art direction by [highlight2]minimoko[/highlight2]. Coming very soon, with a few more being produced after that.
  • Quiz platform. Well we are building a comprehensive, scalable and fun platform for quizzes of all kind. But we would talk about that later.
  • [highlight2][/highlight2]. We alpha-launched our new reference site in December. But it will be truly launched this year. We aim to build a destination to serve the Persian community to promote, discover and share mobile apps that are relevant to them.
  • Branded project. We have been in conversation with a number of publishers and are looking forward to start working on some branded apps this year.
  • [/check_list]
    We can’t wait to share more.