August 1, 2012

What does Google’s Takeover of Motorola’s Mobility Mean?

Everyone remembers how much of a tank in sales both Motorola and Android devices took after the release of the iPad 2, and even subsequently the new iPad in 2012. However, with Google’s takeover of Motorola Mobility, they may be able to pull themselves up far enough to actually be able to compete again. Because Apple has such a corner on the smartphone market, the additional patents that Google picks up through their purchase of Mobility could potentially help them to get a leg up.

Now, with this partnership, Google will be able to make a better quality, lower priced phone with the free google operating system that made the android phone so popular to start with. Not only will they have an advance in technology, but they will also have the resources to develop better apps, and have the phone quality to run them. So now, instead of having either a sweet phone but shoddy apps, or great apps, but a buggy phone, you can have the best of both worlds!