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01 Apr '11

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Five top tools to create an iPad book app

The Monkey’s Paw iPad app development went rather smoothly and the final digital book app has turned out quite good (and polished), So we thought to share our top iPad app development tools and libraries with you:

21 Mar '11

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A wish-fulfilling Monkey’s Paw anyone?

We all sometimes wonder about having three magical wishes. Well, The Monkey’s Paw iPad app is live on the app store just for you.

Shake it, move it, read it and don’t forget to make your own three wishes!

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26 Jan '11


The Monkey’s Paw iPad app is coming

Development on our [highlight2]Monkey’s Paw[/highlight2] iPad app is almost coming to a close and we thought that it’s time we provided a sneak peak.

The Monkey’s Paw iPad app is a semi-interactive version of the popular horror book by [highlight2]W.W.Jacobs[/highlight2], … Read More