Blog | Turned On Digital - Part 3

05 Sep '12

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Two Appsters nominations

We are delighted to hear two of the apps we have developed, ColourDNA and What’s this have been nominated for Appsters awards.

This is the first time Appsters Awards is running as part of Apps World conference in London. With … Read More

01 Sep '12

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Innovative Thinking with QR Codes

Many up-and-coming companies have seen the rise in QR code popularity and have recognized growing potential in marketing opportunities. Not only are there a number of great things you can do with QR codes on a personal level, but at … Read More

15 Aug '12

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Working with BuyMyFace

We are so excited to start working on a new project with the guys behind Buy My Face, Ross and Ed. We really wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise and talk about it too much, only that we are developing … Read More

01 Aug '12

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What does Google’s Takeover of Motorola’s Mobility Mean?

Everyone remembers how much of a tank in sales both Motorola and Android devices took after the release of the iPad 2, and even subsequently the new iPad in 2012. However, with Google’s takeover of Motorola Mobility, they may be … Read More