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25 Jan '11


Quartz Tutorial: how to draw in Quartz

Introduction: About Quartz

Quartz 2D is an advanced, two-dimensional drawing engine available for iOS application developmentā€¦“. What this means is: you use it to draw stuff. Now don’t let the words “advanced” fool you, Quartz is actually pretty easy to … Read More

20 Jan '11

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Who inspires us

We look up to these guys and love what they do. [two_bullet_list]

  • Digital Mint :
  • Brothers and Sisters Creative :
  • ustwo :
  • Public Zone :
  • TED :
  • MOMA : [/two_bullet_list]Read More
  • 07 Jan '11

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    We have a Horrible Jingle

    horrible-jingles-turnedondigital by

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    02 Jan '11

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    What we have planned for 2011

    2010 was a crazy year for us. We started the year with Super Monko Studio, building creative and fun apps. We then moved to Turned On Ventures, with the aim to focus on our clients and build stronger products. And … Read More