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28 Feb '11

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Dynamically Reboot Your Ubuntu Linux

Have you ever heard about [highlight2]Kexec[/highlight2]? [highlight2]Linux kernels[/highlight2] have had a feature to dynamically boot into a new kernel image stored on the memory.

Wikipedia defines Kexec as follows : In computing, kexec (kernel execution) is a mechanism of the … Read More

11 Feb '11

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How to Keep a Disagreement from Becoming an Argument

In our line of work we have to work closely with others in a team, so when I came across the following, I thought it would be great to share them:


  • Welcome the disagreement. Remember the slogan: “When two … Read More
  • 09 Feb '11

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    Building a Game Engine: Part1-Introduction

    I’m starting work on a simple [highlight2]game engine[/highlight2] which will integrate some of the best tools out there. In the process I will be posting useful information about my work. I hope that this series will be useful to some … Read More

    26 Jan '11


    The Monkey’s Paw iPad app is coming

    Development on our [highlight2]Monkey’s Paw[/highlight2] iPad app is almost coming to a close and we thought that it’s time we provided a sneak peak.

    The Monkey’s Paw iPad app is a semi-interactive version of the popular horror book by [highlight2]W.W.Jacobs[/highlight2], … Read More