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04 Jul '12

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Location, Location, Location

As you might know, we are huge fans of Location Based Services (LBS). And through developing some innovative apps such as Situationist and ColourDNA have been pretty much on cutting edge of this wonderful field. So we thought we should … Read More

21 Jun '12

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Techmeetup arrives in Manchester

We had our very first Techmeetup at Manchester’s MadLab last night.

We gathered to have a chat about what is going on in Manchester and we can foster a pro-startup environment up north. It was great to hear what … Read More

14 Jun '12

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What are QR Codes?

So you might have seen these square black and white images turning up on posters, tags and magazines. But what are they?

QR Codes are a data-transmitting method that, up until recently, were only used to make shipping and … Read More

13 Jun '12

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TechMeetups is next week

Our first MAnchester TechMeetups is only a week away!

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